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Exclusive - New - Content for your media outlet or business.                         Promote your Destination, an Experience, Hotel, Airbnb,

Providing you new content regardless of whether you are                                 or product with our audience & followers. Providing you 

interested in a previous topic or destination that we have                                 with direct advertisement via website subscribers, all

written about or you are interested in a story, topic, or                                     social media plateforms, using video as well as

destination that we have yet to visit or write about.                                           photography and creatively written content.

                  Brand Ambassador                                              Sponsored Content

Whether your targeting a general audience or a specific                               Creating professionally inspired content for your marketing

demographic, we can properly represent your brand or                              and advertising campaigns through our website subscribers,

product with a longterm or short-term relationship.                                           all social media plateforms, using video as well as                                                                                                                                         photography and creatively written content.

                     Product Reviews                                              Contests & Giveaways

Providing unbiased/honest reviews of products geared                               On your behalf, we can run targeted giveaways and contests

toward subscribers and followers of short and longterm travel,                via our website subscribers, all social media platforms, using 

destinations, adventure, and experience related information.                      video as well as photography and creatively written content.



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