Welcome Delayed Travelers To Our Adventures

Who are you???


      Hi! We are the dynamic duo Sean & Casie but we are understand if you have never heard of us. Thats ok though, because you hopefully will get to know us over the coming months and years.


       We are have been traveling for a while now but we still have sooooooooo much more to see and do. We started with a plan and we stuck to it. That plan was to see the WHOLE of the U.S. before doing any significant traveling overseas.


       Guess what?!?! We are almost done! With 48 of the 50 states "under our belt", we are on the cusp of doing some SERIOUS traveling. From our home in Seattle which is a perfect jumping off point for starting in South East Asia, we will tackle ALL of Asia and continue going west until we hit Europe and ending up at the the other side with the Alantic Ocean as our target.


       Following that, we will tackle as much of South Africa as possible followed by South America. Finally we will end up in Australia as our last destination before going back to planning.




We know : )


 Why should I follow your blog?


            That's easy! Many of the bloggers/vloggers that you may follow are usually well established having been traveling for a while with a bunch of content already available on their website(s). However, what about following a blogger/vlogger that is just now transitioning into this lifestyle so that way you can learn as we go and see all of the trials and tribulations as they happen rather than reading it in the past tense of someone long established?

   So why start DelayedTraveler.com?

    Why not just travel?


              The reason we started DelayedTraveler is because (and probably much like yourself) we always kept coming back to the idea of traveling as we weighed our options regarding what's next in life for us. We have been talking about it non-stop for years (nauseating those around us) yet always finding a reason to Delay our Travel ambitions.


               Well we have finally had enough of listening to ourselves and tired of finding excuses (the biggest of which is always of course - money). We realized that in this ONE SHORT LIFE and the most important thing (for us) is the collection of experiences and that there has to be more to life than just working to exist or existing to work.


               We hope that our belief in the following quote is not misplaced: "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". Yes it's partially about seeking thrills but with those feelings of dread, nervousness, excitement, contentment, and inspiration; all of which are tied to experiencing - new experiences, all of which I hope lead to an addiction; the addiction to continue.



 So follow us and let's do this together!


The reason that we do not just travel and leave the blogging out of it is that

it seems like a complete waste to not share our adventures with you. 

It also serves as a kind of diary : )




You can contact me at: info@delayedtraveler.com


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